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• 12/17/2018
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• 11/27/2018
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• 11/20/2018

I am frankie discord disc

Hello join my I Am Frankie Discord server I am not forcing you join if you want to link is https://discord.gg/SsSkSRF

Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Discord
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• 11/12/2018
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• 8/22/2018
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• 2/11/2018

Did the other Gaines androids have names?

Given that Eliza and Frankie appear to be named in alphabetical order, I am wondering if this applied to the models that preceded them?
In that their names started with the letters A-D?

We can't be certain if they were fully functional androids though.
For example, prototype A could just have been a neural module to test the technology design and not necessarily have had an android body.
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• 2/9/2018

How are the Gaines concealing their presence from EGG?

In the first episode, when asked if there is any activity from the Gaines' credit cards and social media accounts, the answer is no.

Which got me wondering, how are they living their lives without using any form of online verification?
They'd essentially have to create all new identities to get new bank accounts, credit cards, etc.

As far as I know, Frankie and Jenny are still using their real names.
So a simple search of school enrolment records for new students should give away their location.
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• 2/7/2018

Crossovers with other Nickelodeon shows

I recently saw the video about crossovers the cast would like to happen.
From that discussion, crossing over with the Thundermans is the one I would prefer to see.
However, that show ceased production on July 28, 2017.
So I am uncertain if a crossover can be done if the other show ends.

I'm not sure if crossing over with another Nickelodeon show that isn't based around superhumans/extraordinary people is possible, because of an episode of Liv&Maddie I saw which featured Cyd and Shelby from Best Friends Whenever.
Cyd and Shelby inadvertently cause a serious problem for Liv, but don't use their time travel powers to fix the problem, which would have been the easiest solution. I think because Liv&Maddie is a somewhat more realistic show, they didn't want to bring up the concept of superpowers.
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• 2/6/2018

Theme Song

Does anyone know who sings the theme song?
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• 1/16/2018

Frandrew (Frankie and Andrew) Together

I honesty believe that Frankie Gaines should be with Andrew LaPierre because they are meant to be I mean that because they are both androids and Andrew saved Frankie's life TWICE. Andrew is hot and has that bad boy vibe and at that last episode Andrew risked his life for hers ain't that just romantic, so who's with me Andrew LaPierre should be with Frankie Gaines
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• 11/29/2017

will there be a season 2

please say yes to a season 2 or i will die if there is not a season 2 so please say yes to a season 2 i love this show and turned my grandma to liking this show
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• 11/13/2017

Will be there a season 2?

Does Nickelodeon say that there is a Season 2 of I am Frankie (in Italy it's I am Franky)?
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• 9/29/2017

I Am Frankie - Discussion on Characters

Since Andrew is revealed to be an android, many of the shows with 20 episodes, and are shot in a different style than multi-camera, have a similarity to other shows on Nickelodeon, like Every Witch Way, W.I.T.S. Academy & Talia in the Kitchen. I Am Frankie is one of them but in my opinion is the best out of all of these.

I really like how Tammy and her squad is not a dumb bunch of mean girls like EWW. This series is actually really good, and I think this is a really good series since Make It Pop or Every Witch Way (TITK too, but no S2!)

I also really like the casting. Alex Hook is an amazing person to portray Frankie and Carson Rowland and Kyrson Facer are great love interests to be cast in. Even Frankie's bff Dayton (Nicole Alyse Nelson) she is amazing at her acting and is not annoying!

Anyways, this post is on the characters, and their similarity with one another.

IAF - Frankie Gaines
EWW - Emma Alonso
TIK - Talia Parra
WITS - Andi Cruz

Mean girl Antagonist:
IAF - Tammy
EWW - Maddie
TIK - Debbie (I call her Paris Hilton)
WITS - Ruby

Guy antagonist (can be more than one):

IAF - James Peters, Mr. Kingston
EWW - too many.
TIK - Frenchie, Michael
WITS - Malos Manos, gatekeeper guy at the end of S1

Nice boy love interest (soo cute):

IAF - Cole Reyes
EWW - Daniel Miller
TIK - Tyson Fuccinelli
WITS - not really but Luke Archer

Bad boy love interest (also really cute):

IAF - Andrew LaPierre
EWW - Jax Novoa
TIK - Jayden Grubb

I think that's it? If you got anymore, please discuss them below. What were your thoughts on the characters?
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