Andrew LaPierre is one of the main characters of Season 1 and Season 2 in I Am Frankie.

He is portrayed by Kyson Facer.


Andrew is a male android built by James Peters. He is also a student at Sepulveda High.


He is a confident and rebellious bad boy. He was also programmed by Dr. James to lie. He seems to have a nice side and was very apprehensive about taking to Frankie after she learned about him, so he’s not as tough as he looks. He was also knocked over by Byron quite easily when he walked into him. Andrew saves Frankie in the Series Finale after she is almost kidnapped and went against programming to save her. This is partially because James has programmed Andrew to lie, so not only does Andrew lie to other people, he also lies to his own creator. This shows he is lying is to save people, not to cause harm.

Physical Appearance

Andrew is a handsome male teenager with dark hair, light brown eyes, and an athletic build. He tends to wear darker clothing (black skinny jeans, leather jacket) and has a ‘bad boy’ vibe.


  • Andrew is 6'0".
  • Andrew is a new student at Sepulvata High starting from I am...Heartbroken.
  • When Andrew saved Frankie from getting splashed by water, it instead splashed him, which caused his hand's skin to get burned down. 
    • This may also be how he managed to disobey his creator's orders, similar to how when Frankie got wet, she gained the power to feel emotions.
  • He might have feelings like Frankie as well, because he seemed distressed when his creator told him to get Frankie to the garage so they could sabotage her.
  • He has the ability to lie to others unlike Frankie.


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