Eliza is a recurring character in Season 1 and Season 2 on I Am Frankie. She was first mentioned in episode one, “I am...a Gaines”. She is an android that Doctor Sigourney Gaines created before Frankie. According to the little information we glean about her, she went violent, and wasn’t seen until the season finale, “I am...a Sitting Duck”.

She is portrayed by Alex Hook.


Eliza is an android built by Sigourney Gaines before Frankie. She is said to have went violent and was not seen until the finale, “I am...a Sitting Duck”.


Eliza arrives at the Gaines residence as Sigourney and Will look for possible places to relocate. She looks exactly like Frankie and successfully fooled Dr. Gaines and her husband into thinking she was really Frankie.


She is shown to be strong as Frankie. She also does not have empathy for anyone. She will not let anyone tell her what to do, and will do anything she can to get what she wants.

Physical Appearance

She is tall. She has long straight dark brown hair with brown highlights, and brown eyes just like Frankie.


  • She has an evil agenda in her system.
  • She didn't pay for the ride on a taxi.
  • She was first mentioned in I Danger.
  • She is also portrayed by Alex Hook along with Frankie.
  • Eliza is the fifth Gaines series android to be created and the first fully functional prototype.


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