No one tells Eliza what to do.
Eliza to Taxi Driver

I am...a Sitting Duck is the twentieth and final episode in Season 1 of I Am Frankie and the twentieth overall. It first aired on October 6, 2017 to 1.13 million viewers.[1]


At the Brain Squad State finals, Kingston and WARPA advance on their plot to take Frankie; Andrew's true allegiances are revealed.[2]


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Eric Gaunaurd as Stage Manager
  • Jake Little as Morlock Player 1
  • Natalia Patino as Morlock Player 2
  • Ame Livingston as Head Judge
  • Rob Iberg as Brain Squad Security 1

Absent Cast


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  • Sepulveda High won the state finals for Brain Squad. However, at first Morlock won, but Frankie told them a response, which was correct.
  • WARPA had installed a chip in Tammy, which made her act differently towards Lucia, Makayla, and Frankie.
  • Dayton and Cole were locked in a hotel room by the WARPA agents.
  • Mr. Kingston texted the WARPA agents who took Cole and Dayton, and forbid them from harming them.
  • Andrew was programmed to take Frankie to WARPA, however, he went against his programming, and malfunctioned by letting Frankie in doing so.
  • WARPA took Andrew for Project Q.
  • Cole was told that his father is affiliated with WARPA.
  • Frankie had an emergency file in her system that Sigourney transferred. But it was to be deleted after she had seen it.
  • Cole and Frankie got to a safe destination, which was in the emergency file.
  • An evil prototype version of Frankie, Eliza, entered the Gaines' home, and portrayed Frankie.
  • Eric Gaunaurd, who appeared in the episode as the stage manager, is also the show's executive producer.
  • Eliza makes her first appearance after previously being mentioned in I Danger.


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