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I Danger is the first episode in Season 1 of I Am Frankie and the second overall. It first aired on September 11, 2017 to 1.47 million viewers.[1]


Frankie works hard to keep her android identity a secret, but makes new enemies during a math competition at school; Frankie must risk being discovered when a bug in her system forces her to plug herself directly into the school's internet.[2]

Full Plot

Part 1

A computer genius, Dr. Sigourney Gaines, releases her latest creation: an android (a humanoid robot) that looks like a normal human girl. She names her "Frankie." She presents the android to her EGG Labs boss, Mr. Kingston. When Kingston shows disrespect to Sigourney, Frankie attacks him, making Kingston worry that the android might turn violent like the other one.

Mr. Kingston's egg-shaped robot assistant, PEGS1 accidentally suggests that the android could be used in the WARPA project. Sigourney realizes that her invention could be used to hurt people. So, she sneaks Frankie out of EGG Labs.

At home, Mrs. Gaines introduces the android to her daughter, Jenny Gaines and her husband, Will Gaines. She tells them that they have to move in order to hide Frankie from Kingston. With the help of a former colleague, James Peters, the Gaines move to a new house. Mrs. Gaines decides to treat Frankie as her daughter. At first, Jenny is not happy about getting an older sister but after seeing what Frankie can do, she starts warming up to her.

Mrs. Gaines enrolls Frankie at Sepulvata High so that she can pass as a normal human girl and hide in plain sight. Frankie instantly makes enemies at Sepulvata High when she quickly solves Lucia's equation on the board. Lucia and her brain squad friends, Tammy and Makayla quickly turn on Frankie for "stealing" the equation.

Luckily, Dayton Reyes, a kind, sweet, cheerful girl, comes to Frankie's rescue. She asks Frankie to sit next to her and forget about Tammy and her Brain Squad. Dayton notices that Frankie has a surprisingly good memory and doesn't get most jokes. She jokingly asks Frankie if she's a computer. Frankie gets a warning: "Do not reveal android status." Luckily, they change the subject.

On the hallway, Byron comes over to congratulate Frankie for solving the equation. To his shock, Frankie knows his name but Byron assumes that he must have told Frankie before. Tammy, Lucia and Makayla sarcastically thank Frankie for stealing their equation. Frankie doesn't get the sarcasm and assumes they're being genuine. To make things even, she asks them for help getting to the next class. They take the advantage to prank Frankie by sending her to fall into a pool. Dayton overhears them and comes to save Frankie, telling her that it's a prank. Frankie tells Dayton she can never get wet. Dayton assumes that Frankie is allergic to water but the real reason is that water would fry Frankie's circuits.

While trying to get home later that evening, it starts raining unexpectedly. Frankie must get shelter as quickly as possible or risk frying her circuits. But it's too late.

Part 2

A kind, cute boy approaches with an umbrella. He invites Frankie to share the umbrella with him. He is Cole Reyes, Dayton's brother. Tammy gets more mad at Frankie because she has a crush on Cole. She is furious at Makayla and Lucia because they're the ones who caused the rain due to a science experiment they were performing.

The next day at school, Dayton realizes that Frankie has met her brother, Cole. She also suspects Frankie and Cole might have a crush on each other.

During math class, Mr. Manhart asks the class to do a "math bee" where students sit down if they get an answer wrong. To Tammy's nightmare, she and Frankie are left standing when the bell rings. Tammy forces the class from going anywhere until she proves that she's smarter than Frankie. So, Mr. Manhart asks them to write PI to as many decimal points as they can. Frankie gets way more decimal places than Tammy. This makes Tammy insecure of losing her position as the smartest student in the school. She concludes that Frankie must have cheated.

At the EGG Labs, Mr. Kingston realizes that he was tricked by Sigourney and that the Android is really gone. He instructs PEGS1 and his minions to raid the Gaines' home and bring back the android. To their disappointment, the Gaines have moved and their former house is empty. They start on a new mission to figure out where Mrs. Gaines and her family moved.

Later in the day, Sigourney sends an important update for Frankie to download and install while at school. Frankie walks away from Dayton so she can install the update in the bathroom. Dayton follows Frankie after noticing that she's acting weird. Since the data speeds are slow in the bathroom, Frankie goes to the computer lab and plugs herself to an ethernet cable to complete the download.

Unfortunately, Dayton Reyes walks in on her and notices the cable plugged into Frankie's neck.


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  • The first half of "I Am ... in Danger" was used for the sneak peek on September 4, 2017, and is titled differently. The full episode was then shown as part of the official premiere on September 11, 2017.[3]
  • This was the first episode of the series.
  • This was a 45-minute episode.
  • The first part premiered digitally on July 21, 2017.
  • It premiered on the 16th anniversary of 9/11.
  • Mr. Peters went into Sigourney's room without asking, and copied her hard drive.
  • Dayton found a USB port in Frankie.
  • Sigourney is the first person that Frankie hugs.
  • Frankie made a cake for the first time.
  • Frankie could detect that Sigourney is late to Jenny's birthday party.
  • Frankie disguises as Casey to get out of the EGG Laboratory.
  • Casey disguised as Frankie and stayed there in the EGG Laboratory.
  • Frankie didn't eat anything at all.
  • Frankie recharged her power all night long.
  • Eliza, a former android by Sigourney, was mentioned for the first time, and was later seen in I am...a Sitting Duck.
  • This was the first time Frankie met Tammy, Dayton, Cole, Lucia, Makayla and Byron.
  • The episode is also listed as "I am...A Gaines" for Part 1, and "I am...In A Math Bee" for Part 2.


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