Maybe I'm going about this all wrong. If Sigourney won't get rid of Frankie, I need someone who will.
— James in I am...Not Alone

James Peters is a recurring character on I Am Frankie. He served as the main antagonist in the second half of Season 1.

He is portrayed by Todd Allen Durkin.


James is one of Sigourney's old friends. He used to work with Mr. Kingston and Sigourney. He built Andrew and used him to help him get rid of Frankie so that he could win the Robel Prize.


James appears friendly. However, he has proven to be envious of Sigourney, as well as sneaky, as he has previously stolen data from Sigourney.

Physical Appearance

James has curly hair with brown eyes. He is usually seen wearing glasses.


  • EGG consider him a traitor.
  • He reprogrammed Andrew LaPierre to follow his commands after realizing he lied about revealing that he was responsible for the school break-in and the invasion of the lockers.


I Am Frankie S1
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