This was my equation! You had no right!
— Lucia to Frankie

Lucia Baxter is a main character on I Am Frankie. She is a student at Sepulvata High and a member of Tammy's Brain Squad.

Lucia is portrayed by Uriel Baldesco.


Lucia is one of the students at Sepulveda High.


She isn't very confident and often sucks up to Tammy Gilroy, with the exception being when the entire Brain Squad forced Tammy to confess having framed Robbie Turnbull, most likely because it was easier to feel confident when others are supporting the same cause.

Physical Appearance

She has long curly hair with brown eyes. She is mostly seen wearing light color clothings and jeans, but during the Brain Squad competition, she wears her Brain Squad uniform. She is shown to wear a dress at some point.


  • Lucia got a 95 on the Brain Squad test, which was 4 points higher than Tammy Gilroy.
    • This is the same score achieved by Makayla.


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