Don't worry, the old girl still knows a few tricks.
— Sigourney in I am...Remote Controlled

Sigourney Gaines is one of the main characters in I Am Frankie.

She is portrayed by Carrie Schroeder.


Sigourney is the creator of Frankie Gaines, and the mother of Jenny Gaines.


Sigourney Gaines is a kind person as shown in I Danger. She forbid to let Mr. Kingston use Frankie as a project for Project Q. Sigourney is also overprotective, and stressed by the idea of Frankie having a best friend, or a crush.

Physical Appearance

She has brown hair and green eyes.


  • She used to work at EGG as a scientist.
  • She treats Frankie as family even though she is an android.
  • She built five androids before Frankie was built.
  • She built Eliza, an android who has an evil agenda in her system.


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