Victor Jones is an American actor best known for his role as Mr. Manhart on I Am Frankie.


Victor Jones was born to perform, early on he was a mimic of his older brothers, TV Characters and Movie Stars, then he became entranced by Magic, Escape Artists and created scenes for his annual neighborhood Haunted Houses then came Drumming and Percussionist following his Father and siblings influence, not distracted by sports as a youth but as a teen, Martial Arts was perfect for teaching discipline, goals and rewards which he continues even to this day. When he stepped away from Band scholarships to begin Acting he knew what the driving force would compass his life from his High Schools first play to his first speaking role on a TV movie of the Week, He has been delivering lines and story telling every since, expanding on his performing, Victor has also had a successful Career as a Music DJ most of his adult life and has taken him all over the world, when this began to blow up, Victor took his knowledge and contacts to become a hospitality entrepreneur opening, managing, marketing Bar,Nightclub and Restaurant concepts which became very rewarding and demanding which he almost sidetracked his Acting career for about a decade but soon he returned to his true passion and creative outlet which has fueled his drive to be the pilot of his creative career... with possible exceptions to Directors and Casting Agents respectfully.[1]


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